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Supercharge your promotional presence with personalised trailers

Our AI software alleviates creatives from labour intensive work and gives
promo producers more time to perform more creative tasks
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Analyzing and Identifying Details

Making promo generating easy using AI

Create a custom search for any emotion, person, scene in your original video. Our AI recognises these and tags it all into an xml generated file. Enabling you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Two Main Uses For AI Created Promos

AI creates trailers that people love

From lower cost Digital Marketing Campaigns and Personalized Videos to Trailers, Ads on VOD/OTT, as well as for your Website and App.

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Month on month trailer views
Improved ROI
Improved CPV
View through rate
The Difference

The PromoMii effect -

Trailers drive viewers

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We make it simple for you to create your promos for target audiences

Having hours of video content is great, but time-consuming to look through in order to create promos with the specific content you need. Our AI software makes this process much faster and easier.

Upload your original content to your personal PromoMii platform

Select your search criterias and Watch the magic happen as the AI identifies the details in your video

Enjoy how easy it is to find exactly what you’re looking for and create cognitive previews

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