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Get more eyeballs

PromoMii gives you more eyeballs on the promos you create, placing them in front of new audiences on new platforms. We collect 100% of your promos and re-distribute them to TV Guides, Apps, Publishers and EPGs.

Engage your audience

PromoMii gives you a reliable and steady feed of TV trailers from major Broadcasters and On Demand providers. Include the trailers in your articles when you write about television and entertainment news, and engage your audience longer on your site.


PromoMii gives you analytics on performance, click-through & view-through rates, conversion, and audience data. Get accurate information in realtime of how your promos are performing outside of your channels.

Video player

PromoMii gives you an easy-to-implement video player and restful APIs, offering you everything needed to show your audiences trailers for new TV shows and new episodes of established shows running on the TV channels in your country.

Automation & QC

PromoMii uses an automated technology that collects and distributes your promos without you using manpower. All promos are fully quality controlled and transcoded into Internet & bandwidth friendly formats.

Extended metadata

Partnerships with the world’s leading metadata providers have furnished us with one of the largest libraries of metadata in the world covering over 10 million titles.

Mobile Video Play Preference0%
Click-Through Rate0%
Conversion rates up to0%
Consumers Prefer Watching Short-form Content0%
View-Through Rate0%
Repeated Viewing0%

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We are the industry experts

PromoMii consists of veterans from the Broadcasting and Music industry.

By focusing on a completely digital and automated workflow, we cost efficiently help trailers and other exclusive content reach a wider audience – with minimal effort required on either side

Michael Moss

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael is the driving force behind PromoMii, running the administrative and operational areas of the business. With his 9-year track record from a hedge fund, he has kickstarted several start-ups in the past. 

Hari Shrubsole

Lead Developer

Hari has 8 years of experience as a web and lead developer with extensive background working with Java, NodeJS and Python.

Daniel Halasz

Co-Founder & CMO

Daniel has worked with on-air promotion for 16 years, leading departments and creating on-air strategies. With former employers like Modern Times Group, The Walt Disney Company, and Discovery Communications

Tigran Mnatsakanyan

Co-Founder & CTO

Technologists and Agile practitioner with years of commercial experience building high quality distributed systems in Media, Social Media, Insurance, and Finance industries. Startupper, passionate about improving project delivery and building highly performing teams.

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