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For TV consumers today, the market is saturated with content. The multitude of TV channels, VOD and streaming services often leaves audiences overwhelmed by the choice available to them and they are stifled by ineffective discovery and search tools to enable them to find the content that is just right for them.


The Opportunity – The Trailer

The most effective method for a consumer to find out what a TV show is about is by viewing a trailer. But unless a viewer is sitting in front of the TV watching a specific channel when a trailer airs, they’ll most probably miss it, because TV trailers aren’t as readily available to people online as movie trailers are.

Even when they’re channel surfing, pressing the info button to find out what a program is about, there’s no trailer available to them. When they’re looking at the EPG or content discovery carousel on their set top box there are no trailers. Even when they’re watching on demand or catch-up there’s no trailer available to them. Instead, most often what they see is a still picture and 2-line synopsis to base their viewing decisions on.

Distribution Results

Since February 2017 PromoMii has used our tech platform to collect trailers for companies such as Discovery and AMC and distributing them to various TV guide platforms. Right now we’re also doing proof of concept projects with two of UK’s biggest TV operators who will use our platform to place trailers on their set top boxes, EPGs, apps, websites and newsletters.

To date the click-through rate and view-through rate on the trailers we’ve collected and distributed have blown industry standards out of the water. The average clicks online videos get is 1.8% – our trailers are averaging 55%. The average view-throughs online videos get, meaning if people watch the video to the end or not, is 9% – our trailers are getting 81%. It’s also interesting to mention that the majority of views often come just minutes before a show is about to start, indicating that people are using the trailers to decide if they want to watch the program or not.

Putting the viewer first

Regardless of where the Television industry is heading, one thing will remain: broadcasters will keep creating content for audiences. Regardless if those audiences are consuming the content on flow-TV, catch-up or on-demand, a trailer needs to be available to them to fully describe the premise of what they’re going to watch. We’re here to make that a reality!

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